Procurement Services

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Shone Consultants has interim management and consultancy experience in the following specific areas.

Process and Governance procedures
Collaborative Procurements
Framework Agreements
Managing OJEU Open, Restricted and Competitive Dialogue procedures.
Outsourcing and service contract management
Evaluation Systems
PFI Contract management

Shone Consultants has worked with Local Authorities, Government Departments, Primary Care Trusts, CCGs and Higher Education establishments delivering specialist consultancy. In addition we have undertaken specific project work, a procurement, an evaluation, a contract audit, a contract implementation, have all been delivered. These specific projects help ensures that the advice we give on efficient and compliant processes reflects a practical understanding of the application of such processes.

D .C .Shone Bsc, MBA, PGCert (Law)
Shone Consultants is a trading style for Digital Networks Ltd